Important Issues

Fiscal Conservative

I stand firmly in my economic philosophy that a prudent government is good government and we as fiscal conservatives must stand against government expanding beyond its means and live within the budget that we have. We must tighten our belts and ensure outcome driven results while not raising taxes for Idaho citizens.

Limited Government

Our constituents elected us to ensure that cumbersome government burdens are eliminated and today we are the least regulated state in the Union, but we are not done, and I am committed to doing more. An overhaul of regulations will help ensure that businesses and Idahoans are not being troubled with antiquated policies.

Local Control

Leaders who are the closest to their communities are the most knowledgeable about those communities and the most invested in their success and that is why I believe in local control. Our local elected officials know and understand the need of their communities to make important decisions about our future.

Local Control of Federal Lands

Idaho is blessed with public lands and natural resources, and I value those lands for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, logging, grazing, mining and more. With over 80% of our legislative district owned by government, it is essential that we have a strong voice. We must have more local control over those public lands. They cannot be managed from Washington DC, instead we must work with those in Washington to eliminate a top-down approach and work together to create public land policies lead by Idahoans.

Personal Responsibility

This state works best when Idahoans take personal responsibility for their actions. The government should not be able to tell us what is best for ourselves and our families. Individualism built the West, and it will help us maintain our way of life well into the future. We must ensure the most limited government possible, that still delivers the goods and services required by each of you.

Private Property Rights
Our nation’s founders understood that our private property is the foundation of prosperity and freedom, which is why two different Constitutional amendments were created to protect it and I will ensure your property is protected against any governmental intrusion.
Property Taxes

Unfortunatly, taxes are a necessary evil. Finding the proper balance between income, property and sales tax is the challenge. Right now it seems that property taxes are out of balance. This situation needs to be remedied by the Idaho legislature. I will support legislation that solves this critical taxing problem.

Right to Life

Life is a precious gift, and it is the state’s duty to protect all lives. I promise to protect the rights of unborn children and be the voice of our most vulnerable population. My voting record demonstrates my commitment to these values.

Second Amendment

Our Founding Fathers knew the importance of our right to bear arms when they drafted the Constitution and I stand by that today. I am a proud member of the NRA, with a solid record of defending our Second Amendment rights and I will continue to uphold and protect the rights of firearm owners and oppose legislation that threatens to take those rights away from us.