What’s that old cowboy saying? Never was a horse that couldn’t be rode, never was a man who couldn’t be throwed.

– John Dunning

Freedom Score

 Recently I have been asked about what is known to some conservative groups as my “Freedom Score”, so I checked it out. I have been ranked as the MOST conservative voting Senator in Idaho by the Idaho Freedom Foundation. I take my opportunity to vote on behalf of all of you very seriously. Thank you for your constant feedback and communication on the issues that matter for all of us in District 7. Your voice is being heard in Boise.



Daylight Savings Time Change

The Idaho Legislature is working on something that could change things for the better…imagine that!

Seriously, there is a bill making its way through the channels here to keep us from having to change our clocks twice a year. This bill would keep those of use who live in the Pacific time zone only, on daylight savings time, year round. The people I talk to don’t really care which we are on, Pacific Daylight Time or Pacific Standard Time. They are just sick of changing clocks.

To me, this clock changing is like the old saying of cutting the top of the blanket off, then sewing it on the bottom to make the blanket longer! Silliness!

It turns out that Washington and Oregon legislatures have already done this, which worries me. So, if we do this, our times will be the same with them.

Ultimately it is Congress who makes the final decision, but if this passes, our vote will help put some pressure on them.

Interestingly, south Idaho wants to be included in the bill,  what that would do is put the entire state in the same time. I think that is a great idea!

Budget Committee Completes Work

JFAC Committee completes its work…well most of it!

As usual there are the bills we will have to rework because they are rejected by the House or the Senate, and, then there comes the trailer bills that will be a result of legislation.

The budget is roughly more than 3.75% over last year and is near to exactly what the Governor recommended in total dollars. Of course, we shuffled the expenditures in a different way than he did, but the total change is about the same.

How does this compare to last year? About half as much as last year which was near 7.1%.

I think the recommendations, over-all, represent a reasonable approach to budget reduction. We have to decrease the size of our government!