A stream cannot rise larger than its source.

Teddy Roosevelt

Budget Frustrations!

One of the ways that businesses get in trouble during good times is through commitments to long-term, ongoing expenses. These new expenses look good during the good budget/income years, but when the hard times come…and they will, businesses have to cut employees and programs. In my opinion, if they had held a steadier hand, they would have had a stronger business in the long run.

How does that relate to the legislature? We are in good times, business is booming, and state income is at a record high. We have returned some of that to you, the taxpayer. The rest, we are starting to allocate.
The first thing we did was to vote on salary increases for state employees. We suddenly have high inflation which will last for an unknown time. In my opinion, the legislature over-reacted, with a 7% plus increase in salaries and benefits. I voted NO. I did not prevail. That makes a serious long-term commitment that could be impossible to sustain…I hope I’m wrong.

Dyslexia Bill (SB 1280) Update

We are struggling to get our dyslexia bill voted on in the House of Representatives. Remember, we got this bill, which would help 20 percent of the kids in Idaho, through the Senate unanimously.

Why is that?

Turns out Rep. Clow and Rep. Kerby have decided to rewrite parts of the bill. In my view, they have no qualifications to write anything about Dyslexia. The bill we presented was developed by reading specialists and experts from around the country. Our experts don’t need help from a couple of politicians on understanding Dyslexia!

So, we held a rally at the Capitol to put pressure on Rep. Clow and Rep. Kerby. The picture above, shows some of the folks who showed up in support of our legislation. Two television stations and several print media outlets interviewed us and told our story to a broad audience.

I expect we will get movement on the bill next week.

KTVB (Boise) covers our rally to get Dyslexia Bill a hearing

1776 Resolution

I carried a Resolution through the Senate to encourage fair and balanced teaching of our history in Idaho schools. It is in response to all the stir about CRT. Basically, it allows people’s voices to be heard when they don’t feel that the government is listening.

This turned into a controversial idea for some. There was no intention of indicting anyone. We know most teachers and school boards in Idaho are doing a great job of curriculum development, and we thank them for it.

Here’s part of the Resolution:
“…that we encourage the schools of Idaho to provide children with the knowledge, strength and virtue of a free people by viewing the history both clearly and wholly, not only the offenses, but also the triumphs. It is imperative that children are taught about mistakes, as well as, unprecedented accomplishments toward freedom and fairness for all.”

And I added that our children be taught how to think, not what to think.

KBOI (Boise): Idaho Senate OKs resolution condeming ‘divisive curriculm’

4-Hr’s in Town

I had breakfast with a group of bleary eyed 4-Hr’s on Monday morning. The picture above was a group of kids at my table. They were in Boise for the Know Your Government Conference, where they learn about how their government works and practice being legislators.

It was so much fun to visit with them. I remember what it was like to go to Boise for the first time, get no sleep, and have new adventures.

I believe Idaho’s future is in good hands with these young people.