Carl Crabtree

Common Sense Conservative Leadership in District 7

Representing Adams, Idaho, and Nez Perce Counties.


The people who elected me to office know and trust that I will carry their conservative values to the Statehouse. It is critical that North Central Idaho has a strong voice in Boise, and my constitutents expect me to be that person. Cutting taxes, adequetly funding  education, trasportation and infrastructure, are vital to our way of life. As your District 7 Senator, I am committed to protecting the Constitution, safeguarding our freedoms, fighting for liberty and making common sense decisions.


As a member of the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee (JFAC), my priorities remain focused on conservative spending that pinpoints need and requires quantifiable outcomes.


We have a big task ahead of us as we work to ensure Idaho’s students are getting the education they deserve. As Vice Chair of Senate Ed, I will work to improve K-12  outcomes and to more clearly define the success of higher education.


In North Idaho all of our commodities leave our area on trucks. As a member of the Senate Transportation Committee, I will work to examine areas of need to secure funding for this essential part of our economy.



At the Statehouse


Accountability of Government


Defender of the 2nd Amendment


Fights for Private Property Rights


Constituents Voices are Heard

Carl Crabtree

We must be diligent by tightening our belts and remaining prudent as we allocate taxpayers dollars. I can promise you that I will make sure that gets done.

Eliminate government waste

Require outcome based solutions

Fight for strong economic growth


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Wrapping up in Boise

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