Vote Carl Crabtree For Senate

It is a privilege for me to be the Republican candidate for Idaho State Senate from District 7. This legislative district includes all of Idaho, Clearwater and Shoshone Counties, as well as part of Bonner County. I have spent my life in both private business, and government service. I believe this balance of experience, provides unique qualifications for the Idaho legislature, that most candidates don’t have.

My wife and I are in the registered beef cattle business, and have a small livestock trucking business as well. I worked as a University of Idaho Extension Agent, Idaho County Weed Supervisor, and managed the Idaho County 4-H Program for 27 years.

During these years, I developed ideas around what people, with different views had in common, instead of focusing their differences. As an example, the 4-H idea of “Blue Ribbon Kids”, not just blue ribbon projects was a concept built on the common goal of raising better kids. We began to talk less about rules, and more about the impact on the young adult. The result was one of the strongest 4-H programs in the state.

In weeds, while working with landowners and government, we were able to agree that weeds were the problem, not each other. When the focus was the weed, we were able to agree to common goals, and develop relationships built from that common ground. The idea of Cooperative Weed Management Areas were built from that and spread to the entire state of Idaho.

I have served as president of the Idaho Cattle Association, the Idaho Beef Council, and have served on the national Cattleman’s Beef Board, chairing two national committees.

These work experiences taught me a lot about how government works, doesn’t work, and how to know the difference. I know how to accomplish things within government, but to also figure out the difference between what is said, and what is done.

My experience in business has taught me just how hard it is to make a dollar. Part of the reason for that difficulty is the regulatory burden placed on business by unintended legislative consequences and taxes. This knowledge, combined with my experience seeing government waste, encouraged me to seek a seat in the Idaho Senate, where I believe I can really make a difference.